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Time for a TRIP....packing tips!

by Jenn Ann Spano on Oct 20, 2021

Time for a TRIP....packing tips! - Fashion Girl Online Store

Get Ready for Take Off

As you know by now, I’m in the midst of packing my life up in Dubai and heading back to the states! Over the last 7+ years that I’ve lived in Dubai I have been really fortunate to do a bit of traveling! I love traveling, I mean who doesn’t right?!

I’d like to think I’ve mastered packing by now…or at least I keep the shoe count down to a realistic selection. Now I use to be “THAT GIRL” rolling up to the airport with the large size luggage and more than half of it never got worn while on vacation! …Now let’s be honest, “Is that you?”

I quickly learned my lesson after having to drag all that unnecessary crap around- because well when a wheel stops rolling or completely break you have that Oh Sh*t now I have to carry this thing moment!

Now I can do a week vacay with a carryon….Impressive? Well at least I’d like to think so. I’m that girl w shoes galore and a closet full of clothes that just keeps growing!

Here are some tips I’ve learned:

  • ROLL ROLL ROLL- trust me it saves A LOT of space (if you have things that wrinkle tissue paper will help with that)
  • Take a step back look at what you want to pack….DONT pack half trust me you won’t miss it
  • Pack outfits…please for the love of god stop throwing that random shirt you suddenly discovered and think you might final break it out! YOU WONT
  • Pack versatile and functional pieces, you don’t need jeans in the same wash in 2 different styles
  • Undergarments-make sure you bring the right bras. When you’re stacked, it can be a real challenge to make sure the girls are locked and lovely. My fav combo is one everyday bra, one sexy bra, one sports bra, and of course a sticky bra for those sexier shirts.
  • Be conservative with shoes.Even shoes that you normally consider comfortable may pinch your feet or give you blisters. Go for the most comfortable yet neutral shoes you can find, and make sure they’re broken in. Bring cuter shoes for short outings or evenings.

What are some travel tips or tricks that you have picked up?

 xx Jenn