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Who's Behind Fashion Girl Online....

by Jenn Ann Spano on Oct 19, 2021

Who's Behind Fashion Girl Online.... - Fashion Girl Online Store

About me ….

Well where do I really start; friends say I should write a book but hey let’s just start with a blog I guess!

 I think the biggest question when starting a blog for anyone really is, “Well why anyone would want to read MY BLOG? “ - But that’s just a roadblock that you need to get past!

 So here I am… my name is Jenn Spano. I’m a born and raised Jersey Girl... but currently living in Dubai. I’ve recently resigned from my job and am in the process of packing my life up, moving back to the states and oh yessss, starting up FashionGirl Online! (You’ll quickly learn that I like to have a bit going on all at once haha)

  If I rewind back to that girl that was graduating high school about to start college in New York at The Fashion Institute of Technology, that girl would’ve told you her life plan, but the reality of what has happened since then is far from that plan. Somewhere in between the successes, heartaches, traveling and failures, as well as many unforgettable nights, my life has been so far from the norm yet I wouldn’t change a thing ….. (ok maybe a couple but we won’t get into that haha! )

 I’ve thrown the whole concept of a “PLAN” out the freaking window, living life with a guide in my mind is more my style. I also feel like that leaves me room to grow and try new things without feeling like I failed at something that didn’t go according to “PLAN”  

 I’m starting this blog to be able to connect my website, who I am, and who you are all together, because in order for this to be successful I want to be able to connect with the women that are coming to the site and I feel like that can only happen if I am an open book.

Fashion to me is what we wear to feel put together when let’s be honest, somedays under all the clothes and makeup there is mass chaos going on in our lives!

We all deal with different things that this crazy thing called life throws at us. I want my blog to be an outlet I guess you can say… Would love to have dialogue about the post itself but also be able to offer you some products beyond just FashionGirl, tips on the latest trends, and real life Sh*t!

 So here I am diving right in- hope you all stick around for the ride – or at least be part of the launch of FashionGirl Online. I’m excited yet scared as hell!

 As we prepare for this launch I’ve got to say I feel the “TO DO” list is ever growing but I’ve had so much fun picking out the collection that you will all soon be able to shop, and I’ve been learning so much every step of the way!

 I hope you all tune in, give your feedback and enjoy the special offers that I will be giving away.

 But first and foremost I need to thank some people that if they weren’t there supporting me, reassuring me, or just there to hear me go on about all these ideas over the last few months, I definitely would’ve given up, thrown in the towel and continued doing what I was “comfortable with!”

But let’s be honest you grow the most and learn the most when you step out of your comfort zone.

 My parents,  I cannot thank them enough for their constant support throughout pretty much everything, but with this they’ve gone above and beyond in helping me prepare the warehouse and have spent so many hours of hard work putting it together and making my vision come to life. (I will finally get to see the finish product soon). I owe them big time

 My circle of friends, I’d have to say that I am truly grateful to surround myself with women that constantly support each other and are there for one another despite how different our lives may be! My best friend Jess for helping me choose the collection with her great fashion sense, love and appreciation to all the work that goes on behind the scenes. And of course my sister Heather, who always has my back and is super organized (which definitely helps)! And can’t forget my family aunts, cousins, uncles who I have looked up to for advice time after time!

 But none of this could be possible without my website developer whom I can’t thank enough. He has shown me so much about the digital world I can’t even begin to explain! My biggest fear when I started this was I had no idea about websites, blogging, or anything in that world. I have learned so much and have more to learn. Christian Chene (he is your man should you ever need help!!)

 Well ladies welcome to Fashion Girl! I hope you all tune in, give your feedback and enjoy the special offers that I will be giving away.

Until next time

Xx Jenn